PP Woven and Non Woven Re-Usable bags and back-packs

With the increasing awareness and responsibility towards a healthier environment, ecological friendly bags are widely seen as best alternative replacement especially for plastic carrier bags.

PP Woven and Non woven bag are widely known as Green bags. PP Woven Laminated / Non Woven bags are light-weight but very durable. Due to the huge market demand and applications, these reusable bags are the most developed range of eco bags.

We have a vast range of styles in PP Woven/Non Woven reusable bags. A variety of options for materials, printing methods, accessories and sewing structures allows you to develop your very own, unique Green bag.

Available in small, medium or large tote bags, wine carriers, back packs, as well as insulated bags to keep food hot or cold.
Also available PP Non woven or polyester suit and garment carriers.